kids running back to school

5 Back-to-School Tips

Aug 26, 2021

As children return to in-person schooling after over a year of virtual and hybrid options, many are wondering how to stay safe and adjust to the latest shift. Despite the valid anxieties that might be arising around returning, the back-to-school season is still a time filled with hope and promise for the year ahead. To help embrace the upcoming school year, here at The Shoreline we’ve compiled a list of tips to help start things off on the right foot. Read ahead to learn more! 

Check Out Orientation Events

If your school is offering orientation events in the lead-up to the first day back, it can be a good idea to attend as many as possible. Orientation events will help break the ice by introducing kids to teachers, familiarizing them with their classrooms, and helping to involve parents from the get-go. If in-person orientation isn’t available at your school, be sure to check out what virtual options might be lined up for helping students get acquainted with new teachers and classrooms.


Set Small Goals  

Reconnecting with friends, interacting in classrooms, juggling assignments--there’s lots of new information to digest with the return to in-person learning! To avoid feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to help kids establish small, manageable daily goals. Make sure kids get the basics down first, like learning their teacher’s name, along with classroom routines and homework expectations.


Follow a Morning Check-List

After spending over a year having everything for school all set right at home, remembering all the things you need to gather before leaving the house might pose a bit of a challenge. Try making a morning check-list to help get organized. Use a whiteboard or sticky notes to jot reminders like grabbing lunch, charging devices, and packing assignments, as well as what equipment is needed for extracurricular activities.


Get Involved

This one’s for parents and kids alike! Getting involved in all your school has to offer can help with aiding the back-to-school transition. For kids, try signing up for a new sport or club to meet new friends, stay active, or learn a new skill. Encouraging children to participate often during class can also help immerse kids in their new environment. For parents, keeping on top of school emails, staying up-to-date on the latest coronavirus notices and mask-wearing requirements for your area, and checking in frequently with kids are all important ways to help aid your child’s return to school.


Put Mental Health First

As wonderful as it is for kids to be returning to a physical classroom, many children will also struggle with the adjustment to new stressors. Prioritizing mental health is key throughout the transition to in-person learning. Check-in with kids often and ask them to vocalize how they’re feeling about the return to school. It’s a good idea to remind kids that school counselors are always there to help, and that everyone is going through their own period of adjustment and they are not alone.


We hope going back to school introduces your kids to lots of exciting new opportunities. At The Shoreline, we’d love to see your first day of school photos! Be sure to share by tagging us on social media with #LiveShoreline. Happy learning!